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How's my Figaro? This is my first time playing an opera character, so my voice with him is going to be a bit shaky. But if I'm mutilating everyone's favorite barber, PLEASE let me know. Crits are much appreciated, but no flames please. Comment screening on and IP tracking is off.
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Action: 2238 Stephens Road and around

(There's a package with Figaro's name on it on the doorstep. Confused enough by the sudden revival of the town (he's pretty much convinced that it's sorcery), he opens the parcel. Housemates and nearby neighbors will hear his high C of joy and triumph ring out throughout the house as he dances around his garden. He's hugging a pair of scissors to his chest as he sings out the following verse:)

Ah, bravo Figaro!
Bravo, bravissimo!
Fortunatissimo per verità!

Action: Barbershop

(And not too soon, for after he's regained his barber kit from home he gets an angry call demanding his presence at the local barbershop. Today there's a new barber in town Mayfield! And he'll happily sing and chat to you as he gives you the latest hairdo to make you look your best!

...too bad the latest hairdo for him is in the 18th century style, so don't be too upset if men end up with something likethis. Feel free to rant, rage and chase Figaro up and down Mayfield if you want.

He'll also happily greet his new colleagues at work!)

Action: Grocery store
(Figaro is searching for some ingredients to bake some Spanish Christmas cookies. People around will hear him hum and sing snatches of Spanish/Italian Christmas carols as he does so. Or you may catch him looking a bit annoyed as he searches for illusive pig lard. Yes, pig lard.)
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Action: 2238 Stevens Road

(Let it not be said that Figaro is not a lady's man; he has both loved and lusted women from all walks of life. From the lowliest peasant to the highest of noble birth, he is, after all, a man driven solely by passion for what he loves. He has been young once and done his share of love-making under the stars.

However, he's fairly certain that he did not hire any prostitute last night, nor does he currently have a lover. So when he wakes up at the crack of dawn (for a such is a barber's life to get up at the whee hours of the morning) and sees an unfamiliar women at his side, his first thought is that he must've drunk too much at the local tavern again, to celebrate all the coins that the Count has paid him. A quick exit is preferable, so he searches for his clothes. But in the course of doing so, he catches sight of himself in the mirror. After a few moments of staring at himself in those weird clothes, pinches himself hard. Once, twice, thrice, just in case he's still asleep.

The curtains are also thrown open, and when he sees not his beloved Seville but a strange city with many strange contraptions, he has to stare and gape in horror, before he yells out in fear and dives back under the sheets.)


(The last word is sung out loud, to a high G. Too bad that Figaro has a really, really loud voice too. At least it's in tune?)


(The phone rings around Mayfield, and residents will be treated to some very curious chatter today if they pick up.)

I wonder...what does this device do?

(The receiver is banged several times on the table, while the user continues to talk to himself.)

It's a strange shape indeed, much like most of the other items in this household. It's highly impractical too; it lacks the power of a hammer, the sharp blades of a pair of scissors, and I am fairly certain it can't bake bread. The artisan who crafted this should be ashamed of himself for creating such a useless item. Unless I have yet to find the purpose of it. Come on Figaro, think, think, THINK. Use that wonderful brain of yours to solve this puzzle, there's nothing too difficult that you can't figure out!

(Does anyone want to assist the stranger on the other side? I mean, ignoring the fact that it's 6 o clock in the morning and he probably woke up the entire town by smashing the phone on the table, he really does sound like he need help.)


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